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What is the function of air dryer in washing machine?

Air dry doesn’t work like your dryer—it’s not a drying cycle. It just helps to remove the water from your clothes, rather than leaving all that moisture in there and allowing it to sit for hours and cause mold or mildew.

Air dry works by using the rotation of the drum and the suction of air through the air inlets on the lid.

The combination of these two things helps to remove water from synthetic clothing.

It can be used with a load as small as 3 kg, but you should only plan on doing 1-3 items at a time because it’s not going to get everything very dry if you’ve got a full load of wet laundry.

Air dry can save you a lot of time, but it’s not going to work miracles—you’ll still need to run your normal drying cycle to get everything completely dry.

Advantages of Washing Machine Air Dryer?

1. The Air dry function of a washing machine can save you time and money by reducing the drying time of your clothes.

An hour-long tumble-dry cycle will typically leave your clothes 90%-98% dry.

If you’re short on time and money, this feature may come in handy.

2. You don’t have to wait hours for clothes to dry on a clothesline.

If you only have a few hours at home, the washing machine air dry function helps.

3. If you have a machine dryer available to you during the rainy season, you won’t have to stress about drying for longer periods of time, which is a common worry during these times of the year.

4. And during the rainy season, when it’s most likely going to rain, you won’t want to hang your clothes out to dry for fear that a sudden rainfall will ruin them even though they’re almost done drying out.

5. It saves on energy since the machine has built-in fans that suck out extra moisture through evaporation, so it doesn’t require any additional heat source.

This is especially helpful during summer months when your energy bills can add up quickly without having many sunny days.

Disadvantages of Washing Machine Air Dryer?

Shrinking of Clothes
The high temperatures produced by spin dryers can cause clothes to shrink or even ruin them.

That’s why you’ll see “DO NOT TUMBLE DRY” on some clothing labels. So before you put something in the spin dryer, check the label first.

How long does machine air dry take?

Air-drying clothes can take a while, depending on the type of fabric and whether they’re hung up indoors or outdoors.

For instance, a pair of jeans will take about three hours to dry if they’re hung up outside on a nice day.

Is washing machine air dry good for all fabrics?

As a general rule, clothing items washed in the washing machine on a permanent-press or regular cycle can also be dried in the clothes dryer.

Checking the label on how to care for the item of clothing is recommended at all times.

Anything that should be washed by hand should not be machine-dried.

When in doubt, hang clothes to dry on a clothes drying rack.

This option saves money that way, extends the life of clothing, and eases concerns about destroying specific clothing.


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