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how to clean washing machine drain pipe

Methods for how to clean washing machine drain pipe

Method 1: Check the Drain Hose : The washing machine and the drain are linked together by means of this hose made of rubber.

A leak may be caused by the hose if it has a crack in it. Conduct a thorough inspection of the hose, looking for any cracks or holes in it.

If you discover any, you will need to replace the hose.

Method 2: Clean the Drain Pump: The drain pump can be found behind the washing machine in its designated location.

In order to have access to it, you will need to take off the panel that is located on the back of the washing machine.

When you finally gain access to the drain pump, clear out any debris that might be preventing it from functioning properly.

Method 3: Use a Plunger: You can try using a plunger if the drain is still clogged after you’ve tried other methods.

Place the plunger over the drain, and then proceed to move it up and down by pushing and pulling on it.

Carry on in this manner until the obstruction has been cleared.

Method 4: Use a Drain Snake: If the plunger is not successful, you might attempt clearing the drain using a drain snake.

First, the drain snake needs to be inserted into the drain, and then it needs to be turned.

Carry on in this manner until the obstruction has been cleared.

Method 5: Combine Sodium Bicarbonate and White Vinegar: Baking soda and vinegar are a natural combination that can be used to unclog a drain that has become plugged.

First, follow the directions on the baking soda container and empty it down the drain.

The next step is to flush the drain with one cup of vinegar.

After allowing the combination to remain for a few minutes, flush the drain with hot water to remove the mixture.

Method 6: Use of boiling water: One other natural method for clearing a clogged drain is to boil water in the drain.

After waiting a few minutes, pour a saucepan of boiling water down the drain and let it sit there for a while.

After that, run some cold water down the drain to clear it. It may be required to repeat these steps.

Method 7: Get in Touch with a Plumber: If none of the solutions presented above are successful, you will need to get in touch with a plumber.

10 straightforward steps to clean the drain pipe of a washing machine:

1. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for the drain line of the washing machine to avoid clogs.

2. Insert a funnel into the drain pipe, and then pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down it.

3. After waiting an hour, rinse the pipe with hot water to remove any residue left from the mixture.

4. If there are any obstructions in the drain line, clean them out with a plumber’s snake or a wire hanger.

5. After waiting an hour, pour one cup of bleach down the drain and let it sit for the remainder of the time.

6. Run some hot water down the pipe to clear it.

7. If necessary, carry out the procedure once more.

8. Follow the directions provided by the maker of the drain cleaner that you purchase and use.

9. If the issue still exists, you should call a plumber.

10. To avoid clogging the drain, never throw grease, oil, or food down the sink drain. Doing so will clog the drain.


Well, there you have it! How to fix a clogged washing machine drain.

Now you know how to get your clothes washing machine back up and running again, without having to call a repairman or spend lots of money on repairs.

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